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5 Signs of Well made Shirts

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How to Identify Well made Shirts in India?

Here, we discuss 5 signs of well-made Shirts

1. Number of stitches per inch:

More stitch means more strength. Most shirts in India comes with 12 stitches per inch. In good quality shirts, it should be around 16 stitches per inch. Very costly tuxedo has 22-24 stitch per inch. This is very difficult to get and requires time and high-quality craftsmanship.
Most Shirt companies us fewer stitches to keep their production higher. More stitches mean higher production cost as it requires time.

Privee Paris Stitches per inch

2. Single needle construction:

A high-quality Shirt has single needle construction. It is made by single needle lockstitch machine, stitching made with this machines is strongest. Mass market brands use the chain stitch for side seam or armhole. Chain stitch is weak, but faster so its production is fast. That’s why most shirt brands use chain stitch. And high-quality shirt always comes with single needle construction because it is strong.

In chain stitching, two parallel stitches are sewn simultaneously.
In single needle lock stitching, only one round of stitches can be sewn. Hence, it doubles the effort.

3. Button:

High-quality Shirts always comes with the mother of pearl shell button. MOP Buttons look elegant and classy. It’s an eco-friendly product.

Mother of Pearl buttons are a classic detail. An eye-catching element of Dress Shirt. Made from the inner layer of pearl oysters, mussels they have a little more depth of color than plastic resin buttons do.

Privee Paris Buttons

4. Clean Finishing:

Attention to details. Mass market Shirtmakers don’t pay attention to details. Clean finished Shirts from outside to inside without any frays are signs of Quality Shirts.

Privee Paris Pink Textured Luxury Wedding Shirt

5. Premium Fabric:

Good quality shirts come with 100% cotton, mostly Egyptian Giza cotton. Cotton grown in Giza are long and smooth and best in the world. 2 ply is stronger than 1 ply. More thread count means more smoothness. Cost also increases with thread count.

PriveeĀ Paris Shirts comes with all five features, hence, Shirts are Best in Quality.

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